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Hannah Amin, Audiologist

I have been lucky enough to be able to do the job I love for many years, being able to give something back to an individual in order to improve their quality of life is amazing. Hearing is close to my heart as my mother suffers with a severe hearing loss and seeing how much of a difference a hearing aid can make, makes me always want to be able to give the best to every individual I see in clinic. It’s not just about wearing a hearing aid, it’s about training the brain to adapt to a hearing aid ensuring that time has been spent discussing acclimatisation and expectations. 

June Mills, Senior Practice Manager

Since joining Hearcentres in 2011, I have seen the visible change with patients from everything we do. We have built a great community of patients which, being a Banbury resident, means the social aspect of my role is vital. You'll see us at our market stall on the last Thursday of every month!

Best professional advice 

We recognise the impact hearing loss can have on all aspects of your life. People who suffer from hearing loss often feel isolated, lose confidence and withdraw themselves from social situations. Helping people to hear better is our absolute priority. This is why we offer our patients impartial advice on all the hearing aids available, without obligation. Some of our Audiologists are hearing aid users themselves so draw from their own experiences, providing advice and guidance from a patient’s perspective. 

Our Audiologists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and are Fellows of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA). 

Best hearing aid technology 

We offer the leading brands of hearing aids, including Audibel, Oticon, Audio Service, Widex and Bernafon. 

There are a huge number of different types of hearing aids on the market. After an initial consultation to determine your needs, we can explain the benefits and costs of each to you. 

Best customer service and aftercare 

We provide a complete aftercare package. This includes an initial 60 day adjustment period, with unlimited access to your Audiologist. We then see you for regular six-monthly follow up appointments for the length of your warranty. Most hearing instruments are supplied with a three year unconditional warranty which can be renewed annually for the life of the hearing aid, providing continued peace of mind. 

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and we are proud that most new patients who come to us do so through personal recommendations.


About Hearcentres:

The idea of Hearcentres was developed by Jonathan Ormerod, a respected Hearing Aid Audiologist with over twenty five years experience in the hearing aid profession.


Jonathan comes from a family background in hearing aids. His father, David Ormerod, built a very successful business which grew over many years into leading name in the profession and part of the high street in many towns across the country.

Hearcentres is different. Rather than a large, national chain, Jonathan wanted to create a group of like-minded, local, independent hearing aid centres. He has always believed that people prefer to deal with an established local professional, who is recommended by others.


Jonathan originally established and developed hearing centres in Horsham, West Sussex and Reigate, Surrey. He learnt how to build a long-term relationship with his customers and the businesses are still thriving today.

Hearcentres is now made up of a group of similar established dedicated local hearing centres across the South, East and Middle of England.


It is vital, however that they all retain their individual identities and are established in their local areas as the “hearing centre” to go to if you have a hearing problem.


"Our philosophy is simple. Offer excellent service at all times and fit the best hearing aids. A combination of old tradition and new technology which our customers really appreciate." - Jonathan



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